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Make sustainability a part of your core business.

I will help your company build and manage its sustainability program.

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My name is Max van Bree. I am a sustainability consultant. But think of me as your sustainability guy. I help SME's build and manage their sustainability programs. With a no noncense approach and hands-on mentality.

I believe that sustainability is a long term game; it is about setting up your business for sustainable future success. I also believe that in every company there are quick wins to be made. And yes, it can even yield profitable results when executed transparently and honestly. Why? Because your customer cares.

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1: Quick scan

With a quick scan I will provide a birdseye overview on how sustainable your company actually is, which areas are doing well, and which areas have opportunity for improvements.

2: Opportunity analysis

Based on the quick scan, I will identify opportunities split between quick wins (short term) and big impact (long term) sustainability goals. I then further translate these goals into projects . Finally I will be working closely together with management and key players in your company to prioritize projects according to your overall business strategy.

3: Project management

Sustainability is most likely not the reason your company exists, and therefore you and your staff might be focused on other, more pressing objectives. I am an experienced project manager, and always willing to help.

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4: Product Development

As a product developer, I will work closely together with the design and production teams using my knowledge and network within the field of sustainability to create a product with real impact, and a story consumers can get behind. All without hurting your bottom line.

5: Communication strategy

The way you, as a company, decide to talk about your (new) sustainability efforts greatly impacts your consumer's perspective of your brand. Like they say; communication is key. If you scream too loud and do too little, your consumer will lose trust in you. Change the world but fail to properly communicate it, and nobody will thank you for it.

Full program management

You are faced with the challenge of figuring out and implementing a new requirement for your business -  Sustainability - but you do not want to hire another manager. Enter; the sustainability guy. I will work closely together with management to set up your sustainability program, and manage a variety of projects using a strategic combination of services 1-5. After the set-up period, your company will be able to self-manage sustainability.

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Filling Pieces

Filling Pieces is an Amsterdam based luxury fashion house bridging the gap between the high end and street markets. For Filling Pieces I helped build their sustainability program which anchors the values deep within their brand culture and has lead to the creation of multiple products that will help the company become more sustainable.


Full Circle

Full Circle is one of the world's first circular T-shirt companies. Fighting overstock, excessive resource consumption, and landfills full of old t-shirts. For Full Circle I helped set-up their innovative supply chain, containing a take-back and recycling program whilst safeguarding product integrity and price points.

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A young brand that produces future proof ready-to-wear, designed for the population of the future. To ensure HOME would contribute to a balanced future, we made their design & sample process 100% digital, chose to only work with either deadstock or organic fabrics, and only produce locally with trusted partners. HOME slow cooks fashion.

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